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Springtime not only brings warmth and sunshine, but it also brings out the ants in your home! They can hide anywhere from attics to chimneys. Basically anywhere that homeowners aren’t using on an everyday basis.

Knowing the type of ant can offer clues on the location of the any’s colony and the form of treatment Ultrafast Pest Control will use. Ant control can be tough, but knowing these facts can help in the process.

  • Entry They can squeeze themselves through the smallest of cracks, usually pursuing water and greasy or sweet food substances. Typically, this will lead them to your kitchen pantry.
  • Scent Trails Once they locate the food source, ants will leave an undetectable chemical trail, containing pheromones, that aids other ants to the source.
  • Size of the Colony Colonies can ranger anywhere from 300,000 to 500, 000! If endangered, whole colonies when up and relocate quickly.
  • Lifespan A colony, as a whole, can live a relatively long lifetime. Work ants can live up to seven years, while the queen ant can live up to fifteen years.
  • Location of Nest Ants don’t discriminate when it comes to the location of their nest. They will nest in or around your house; in walls, trees, even the foundation of your home!

There are do-it-yourself treatments you can use, but they will only kill the ants you see. Home solutions don’t take into consideration that different types of ants will require different types of treatment. To ensure you receive the correct treatments to destroy ants, contact Ultrafast Pest Control at 781-894-7700.

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