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The always dreaded ant season is now upon us and will likely be in full-swing come the consistently warmer weather.  This time of year typically brings the most Carpenter Ants- a large, fat black ant that likes to sneak indoors and nest inside homes.  Be alert for any signs of ants inside, as they tend to nest in large groups and make their homes in any available space that is hollow and dark.  You should be especially mindful of areas in and under windows or doors, as this is a spot where they can easily access the indoors from outside.  Though small in size, ants can do great damage to a home, office or other indoor space.  Rainstorms are often another ideal time to keep an eye out for these pests scurrying around inside.  If you see any sign of ants indoors, whether it is residential or commercial, call us today and we will travel throughout the Greater Boston area to provide you with fast and professional ant and pest control services.

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