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You know what they say, April showers bring May flowers, but if you’re not careful with the draining and preventing water build-up surrounding your home, mosquito problems may be arising as well.  A mosquito requires water in order to complete its life cycle, and large pools of water in puddles, buckets, planting pots, and other areas provide the perfect breeding ground for these unwanted pests.  We know that this time of the year can be full of wet, damp days, so ensuring that your home does not provide ideal locations for mosquitoes to thrive is extremely important.

Preventative steps are simple! Walk the grounds of your property and check for wet areas or items that provide a perfect place for water to remain stored.  Be especially sure to monitor your property after large rain storms, and any other time you may be using an outdoor hose for a substantial period of time.

We all know the annoyance of mosquitoes, the pain of their bite and the health risks they can possess; taking a few extra moments to complete tasks such as these can keep you away from needing your yard sprayed and having to request other potential pest control services in the future.

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