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Bed bugs; no one wants to encounter them, but the more you know about how to look for and prevent them, the better.

Recent news has reported that beg bugs may be on the rise again, which means it is important to keep a look out in your surroundings, especially when traveling.  Often times during trips on planes and when staying in hotels, we are often preoccupied with our travel plans and schedules and don’t think about something like bed bugs becoming a problem.  However, it has been reported that these pests often travel on planes, buses, and other transportation along with the people that they have already infested.  This means that they are often occupying hotel rooms and beds as well with these visitors.

So, what can you do to help stay free from bed bugs?  At home it is important to keep your space clean and tidy, but when you’re away from home you should always check to see reviews of where you are staying and confirm that it is a clean, well-kept place.  Sheets should be washed daily, rooms vacuumed and disinfected after each guest leaves.  When you are on the go and find yourself on the plane, it is often helpful to just take one carry-on bag with you when you can; this helps prevent your luggage from encountering the many other bags on board below.

If you do however find yourself with a bed bug problem, always contact us at Ultrafast Pest Control.  We know how uncomfortable you can feel during any pest infestation and we guarantee fast and reliable pest control services to remove the problem as soon as possible.


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