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If you have ever encountered bedbugs, you know from first hand experience that it is a problem you most defiantly do not want to have. Once they’ve found a new spot to infest, these parasitic bugs will leave you itching & scratching. Bedbugs can be found anywhere from homes, hotels & even college dorms. With summer in full swing & college students home, it’s time to take action if you think they’ve brought bedbugs back.

  1. Any possible infested belongings need to remain where they are. While it’s tempting to remove them, this just allows bedbugs to infest a new home.
  2. Because bedbugs will hide anywhere, eliminate any potential hiding spots in unnecessary clutter.
  3. Put all mattresses, box springs & pillows in bedbug-proof covers.
  4. Seal all washable belongings in plastic bags until you are able to wash them in hot water.
  5. Disassemble all beds & clean all portions with an alcohol & water combination.

Once these steps have been completed, contact Ultrafast Pest Control for an extermination to come & inspect your home. Our technicians will be able to determine if further action is required to remove the problem.

If you are concerned you may have bedbugs, contact Ultrafast Pest Control at 781-894-7700.

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