Rats: Uninvited Rodents in the Fall

With the fall temperatures here, homeowners are starting to see an increase in some uninvited guests in and around their home. One of the most popular of these guests are rats in and outside of your home. Because of the colder temperatures, these types of rodents are looking for a place to take shelter during

How Do Mice Enter Homes?

If your home has recently been invaded by mice, but you’re not sure how they made their in, Ultrafast Pest Control is here to help! Typically, mice will find their way into your home through holes or cracks in your foundation, floors or walls. Usually, homeowners don’t notice mice holes until other signs of an

Rat Pest Control

Rats in a residential or commercial property can do a lot more damage than people realize. In your home, they can share any diseases they may have with your pets. If you find them at your business, you are legally accountable for any damages or violations that occur. Thankfully, Ultrafast Pest Control offers rat control

Damage From Carpenter Ants

At Ultrafast Pest Control, we understand the significance that pests and insects play in our ecosystem. Because they decompose things, we know that carpenter ants are a valuable asset. They provide compost for the earth by chewing up wood and turning it into sawdust that will eventually rot. While they do have an important role,

What Types of Wood do Termites Eat?

Termites, or the silent destroyers, will attack any part of your home where is wood, without the homeowner even knowing. Shelter, food, moisture and anything else necessary for a termite to survive are all located in one spot-your home. To survive, termites are constantly looking for types of wood to eat. They’re looking for cellulose,

Have Termites Invaded my Home?

Termites are an extremely destructive pest that can cause damage to your home or business. New England is no stranger to these pesky insects. They typically are a creamy color and often look like rice. Because termites live underground, they don’t need any pigmentation. Their colonies can number thousands to millions. Since they’re unaware if

Do I Have Mice in My Home?

With winter weather in full swing in New England, mice are looking for anywhere to stay warm, including your home. Mice are sneaky pests in the sense that they can find their way in through any gaps or holes. Besides seeing mice, here are a few things to look for that could suggest an infestation:

Why Should I Continue Pest Control Services During the Winter?

Many homeowners think that since winter is here, all of the New England pests have gone into hibernation mode. Pests like mice, cockroaches and other insects may slow down a bit, but they won’t go away completely. Pests will seek warmth and protection in your home to continue growing and feeding. By reducing your pest

Pest Control & Prevention in the Winter

With the colder months in full swing, we notice that homeowners tend to put pest control and prevention practices on the back burner. The control and prevention of pests is something homeowners should continue to do year round. As the colder months approach, insects tend to look for indoor shelter and a food source. During

Mice & Rat Removal During the Winter

With the cooler temperatures comes the unwanted crawling and flying things that live among us. Along with being a nuisance to us, they’re also looking for a spot to take shelter throughout the winter months. Two of the most common rodents Waltham and Watertown homeowners encounter are mice and rats. Come winter, these critters will

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