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Mouse Control Tips for Fall

Fall is quickly approaching, and with that comes the higher potential for mice infestations. Mice are driven inside as temperatures drop, seeking shelter from the elements. There are several key entry points to watch for around your home, and even more signs of a potential infestation. Mice often enter homes through the garage and near

Ward Off Rodents this Fall & Winter

The end of October is already here and we’ve heard there may even be snow flurries in the forecast this weekend. Like humans,common household rodents like mice and rats would much rather be inside where it is warm, even if that means sharing their space with you. It is understandable that they’d like to stay

Springtime Check-In

Ultrafast Pest Control couldn’t be happier to finally have the spring weather, with summer on the way.  We’ve been busy traveling throughout Waltham and all neighboring Massachusetts areas to tackle residential and commercial pest and rodent issues, and we thought now would be a good time to check in and make sure you are doing

May You Keep the Carpenter Ants Away

Tomorrow is the first day of May and we hope that with it comes finally comes the spring weather to stay!  Warm days and sunshine are long overdue, but with this change of season will also come what we’ve been warning you about: more pests.  Nothing is better that opening those windows and doors and

Sneaky Spring Pests

We have finally entered the month of March and that means Spring is just around the corner.  If you’re like us, you are looking forward to the sunshine and warmer weather.  However, while it will be great to open those windows and let the fresh air flow through, it is important to remember that Spring

Beat Bed Bugs

Bed bugs; no one wants to encounter them, but the more you know about how to look for and prevent them, the better. Recent news has reported that beg bugs may be on the rise again, which means it is important to keep a look out in your surroundings, especially when traveling.  Often times during

Is Pet Food Causing Your Pest Problems?

We know we’ve said it before, but it is always worth the reminder: cold, winter weather brings an increase in rodents such as mice and rats in homes and other buildings.  Like us, these critters want to stay warm, so it is likely that more will be trying to seek shelter and access into buildings.

Tackling Your Rodent Problem

Most of us have experienced it: spotting a furry little creature scurrying across the floor of the house, basement or office.  It could be just one little intruder or the problem could be worse, which is why it is important to scope out your territory and take several steps in order to control any current

Welcoming Fall

We can’t believe that summer flew by so quickly, but just because one season is over doesn’t mean the pests go away with it.  While the summertime brings many pest control problems for insects like mosquitos and ants, the fall introduces the unwanted but undeniable subject of rodents.  With the changes in temperature and the

Cockroach Not-So-Fun Facts

While many of us are fortunate enough to not be faced with this rather unpleasant looking pests, cockroaches do still manage to creep their way into some residential, commercial and industrial buildings.  This is more commonly seen in congested city areas, such as Boston, as there are many opportunities to crawl into spots that are

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