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While many of us are fortunate enough to not be faced with this rather unpleasant looking pests, cockroaches do still manage to creep their way into some residential, commercial and industrial buildings.  This is more commonly seen in congested city areas, such as Boston, as there are many opportunities to crawl into spots that are dark, have food or are not typically examined by people.

So, what are some of a cockroaches’ characteristics?  For one, it’s important to know that they will eat just about anything.  Though they seem most fond of sweets, these pests can munch and survive from any form of food, so it is important to always make sure your snacks are sealed tight and stored in the appropriate places.

Cockroaches also like to be touched, meaning they like to hide in spots where they are surrounded on all sides.  This means that like many insects and pests, they tend to seek out cracks and small crevices that are often missed by the average eye.  It is important to scan your home, office, restaurant, etc., for any questionable cracks that may be serving as a perfect hideaway.

A mother cockroach can produce anywhere from 10-40 eyes at a time, which she may keep with her in a case or drop somewhere in her living environment.  This is important to keep in mind should you find a cockroach or two in an unwanted area; be sure to scan thoroughly, as where there is one there may be many others.  It’s in times like these that pest control services may be the best choice, as the last thing you want is to continue finding these intruders anywhere from on the floor in a restaurant’s kitchen to the inside of your breakfast cereal’s open box.

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