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cookoutWith summer set to begin shortly, Woburn residents are getting ready for sunshine, hotter weather and beach days! Summer also means that the increase of cookouts are on the horizon, especially for the 4th of July. Nothing can ruin a cookout like a group of ants thinking they have an invitation. Keep your cookout ant-free this summer with some tips from Ultrafast Pest Control!

  • Because they’re typically easy to access and strong smelling, ants will migrate to your pet’s food bowl. Prevent this by keeping your pet’s bowl clean by washing it with warm, soapy water. This should help with the smell that comes with their food.
  • As you fire up the grill, be sure that any food you’re going to be cooking or setting out is sealed off. Ants are small enough to get through even the tiniest of holes or spaces. Put a rubber band around containers as an extra precaution.
  • While this tip might be an old home remedy, but if you sprinkle chalk or baby powder around certain areas, it will keep ants away. The talc powder that is found in both substances is a natural ant deterrent.
  • Coffee grounds another home remedy you can use to keep ants from invading your cookout.

If you’ve tried these tips and you’re still seeing ants at your cookout, it may be time to take more aggressive measures like an ant specialist! Ultrafast Pest Control is happy to come out, assess the situation and make a recommendation on how to control the ants. Be ant-free this summer by calling us at 781-894-7700 or by filling out our online contact form.

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