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As the summer, unfortunately, draws nearer and nearer to a close, children begin to prepare to migrate back to the classroom and adults plan to migrate back to the mall to prepare for the cold, windy weather that autumn is known for.

However, what many people, especially homeowners, do not tend to realize is that they aren’t the only ones getting ready for the new season. As the weather gets colder, mice get bolder. These rodents are tasked with seeking a warm environment with a sufficient amount of edible material in order to ensure their continued survival. So it makes sense that, every year around this time, without fail, mice begin to target and invade the hospitable and food-rich homes of millions across the nation and around the world.

As many know, this type of living situation is most certainly not ideal for the human residents because of the great possibility of destruction to property, the spreading of health-degrading germs and, of course, the sneaky depletion of food supplies.

Though some may like mice as creatures, most would rather not have such rude, feces-spreading guests in their home and would like them gone as soon as possible. However, it is no surprise that some individuals are hesitant to purchase poisonous mice eradicating solutions to give mice the boot due to the safety concerns regarding curious young children and/or pets.

We here at UltraFast Pest Control, being forever focused on safety and effectiveness, wish nothing but the best for you and those you care about. This being the case, here are some safe and relatively cost effective ways to keep mice without the use of easily consumed poisonous bait:

Close the Buffet: Sorry, No More Free Food
As stated before, one of the main reasons why mice choose to enter human residencies or professional establishments is due to the fact that they are steadily reliable sources of nourishment for them. However, if they see that they have nothing to eat there, they know they need to travel elsewhere in order to find food and continue living — preferably somewhere that isn’t your home. Never keep food out in the open for them to nibble on. Always keep food stored in cupboards, sealed away in containers that they cannot smell or penetrate into. Also, keep trash bins with discarding food in them from being exposed by closing lids and getting rid of it as soon as possible. Clearing surfaces and floors of crumbs and other left-over edible items are a must as well.

Smell Ya Later: The Nose Knows
Another popular and impressive way to clear out mice is to use their own noses against them. Mice have an incredible sense of smell to make up for their less than stellar vision. But, like us, there are some smells that will cause these critters find absolutely revolting, causing them to quickly pitter-patter in the other direction. Among these, minty scents seem to be the most unbearable — especially peppermint. We here at UltraFast Pest Control recommend finding the places that the mice in your residence like to frequent and placing cotton balls soaked in a heavy peppermint or spearmint scent. For some reason, mice find minty smells extremely intolerable and will not choose to stick around for a second whiff. Be sure to replace the cotton balls when they start losing potency.

Out Faster than the Speed of Sound: Ahh! What’s That Noise?!
Mice also have very sensitive ears that are able to pick up even the most faintest of sounds. Thankfully, the mouse eradication industry has taken advantage of this heightened sense of hearing by creating devices that disrupt it. Through the magic of technology, electronic ultrasonic mouse repellers emit sound waves that drive mice ears crazy. Ever since their introduction to the market, these ultrasonic wave producers have caused many a mouse to seriously reconsider relocating someplace else with their family.

You should note, however, that the reach of this machine is not very far, usually covering about the space of a single room — meaning that, assuming you don’t live in a one room shack, you may probably need to purchase more than one if you wish to cover more ground.

Curiosity Killed the Rat…Errr…Mouse: Delicious Temptation
If these methods just aren’t your cup of tea and you know that your house mouse will never walk on this earth again, the traditional trap bait method is still as effective as ever. Placing mouse traps loaded with the bait of your choice (Pssst. Mice LOVE peanut butter…), whether they be spring-loaded snap traps, glue traps or less deadly or torturous traps, near places that your mouse frequents are is a fantastic practice of mouse extermination — and one of the most popular.

Hopefully, by using knowing and implementing these tips, you are one step closer to ridding yourself of your pest infestation problem for good. However, if you find yourself to be overwhelmed by the process of rodent control, UltraFast Pest Control are the exterminators to get the job done in the quickest, safest and most efficient way possible.

Give us a call at (781) 894-700 or feel free to come visit us at 738 Main Street, Waltham, MA to have a conversation about how we can work together to reclaim your home.

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