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So long, snow! Or soon, we hope.  We are finally in the month of March and that means that in a few short weeks we can welcome the first day of spring!  With the change in season, it is fair to assume that the majority of us in the Greater Boston area are ecstatic for the days where the snow finally begins to melt and warmer temperatures remain.

This means that it is also almost time for Spring Cleaning!  So, while you’re taking the time to wipe the dusty, winter layers from inside your home, take a few minutes to also perform these easy steps to keep those pests away.

Much of the insects we face during warmer months spend the winter season dormant.  So, use these tips for keeping your home bug-free during the coming months!

Seal any cracks or openings that could allow insects to crawl through and access your home.

Make sure that all pantry and kitchen items are sealed tightly and properly.  Also be sure to dispose of any old food and keep your surrounding crumb-free.

Do weekly wipe-downs! A quick run through the house with the vacuum can make an incredible difference in keeping bugs out of your home.

Easy tasks, right?  We know that things get busy, but tips such as these will help ensure that bug and rodent invasions will be one less situation you need to worry about.  However, if you do suspect unwelcome critters in your home, give Ultrafast Pest Control a call and set up your next inspection or appointment! 781-894-7700

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