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Termites are an extremely destructive pest that can cause damage to your home or business. New England is no stranger to these pesky insects. They typically are a creamy color and often look like rice. Because termites live underground, they don’t need any pigmentation. Their colonies can number thousands to millions. Since they’re unaware if they’ll have a shortage of food or not, termites are persistent when it comes to searching for their source of food. Termite workers are regularly looking for food sources.

Indications of a Termite Invasion

One of the most common signs that you’ve been attacked by termites is an interior swarm. This is when swarmers, flyer termites, create a large invasion. They come out of their current colony to create new colonies. The main goal of swarmers is to endure this flight and dodge any enemies, like birds. Once they’ve survived the flight, they find a mate, reproduce on a sunny soil area and set up their new colony. Since swarmers are purposely exposed to sunlight, they are black with a pair of long wings. They look similar to ants, but have a thick waist with antennae.

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