How Can I Tell if My Home Has Suffered Termite Damage?

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Termites are known as silent destroyers. A nationwide problem, they are subtle and quiet, and oftentimes can cause thousands of dollars in damage while remaining undetected. If you look carefully, you may be able to see some signs and remove the problem before major destruction occurs.

When termites leave to begin a new colony, often within your home, they discard their wings. These wings will often be left near closed doors or windows and are all one size. If you keep finding insect wings, you may have a problem on your hands. Interior damage may not be visible until extensive damage has occurred, and certain types of termites leave damage that can be confused for water damage. Some termite infestations leave maze-like imprints on the inside of walls and can leave a scent similar to mildew. Your wooden furniture is also vulnerable to termite damage, particularly antique furniture. Termites are known to burrow in until the veneer on the outside of the furniture cracks.

Outside of your home, close to or even on the foundation, you may notice mud tubes leading from the ground up. These tubes will be about the size of a pencil, and are termites’ way of access your home from their underground colony. Mud tubes also act as a food source.

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