How Do Mice Enter Homes?

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If your home has recently been invaded by mice, but you’re not sure how they made their in, Ultrafast Pest Control is here to help!

  • Typically, mice will find their way into your home through holes or cracks in your foundation, floors or walls. Usually, homeowners don’t notice mice holes until other signs of an infestation appear. Because of the shape of their bodies, mice can fit through smaller holes that you might not think possible.
  • Along with holes, mice will enter through your home’s sewer lines, window and ceiling holes. Mice can make their way in through your sink or bath drains if your drainage pipes are not sealed correctly.
  • Because of temperatures dropping, fall is typically the time we’ll see infestations from mice. When a group of mice enter your home and realize that it is safe and warm, they seldom will venture out. Mice multiply quickly so, at times, you can see up to 200 mice within months.

To prevent mice from entering your home, make sure that all cracks, holes or openings are sealed with some sort of material. Check that all windows and doors are closing correctly so you don’t provide an additional entrance. If you do notice an infestation of mice, contact the professionals at Ultrafast Pest Control. We are happy to provide you with our services to ensure your home is mice free! To schedule an appointment, fill out our online contact form or contact us at 781-894-7700.

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