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With the cooler temperatures comes the unwanted crawling and flying things that live among us. Along with being a nuisance to us, they’re also looking for a spot to take shelter throughout the winter months.

Two of the most common rodents Waltham and Watertown homeowners encounter are mice and rats. Come winter, these critters will be looking to take cover anywhere they can find. These places could be anything from your home attic, walls or basement.

The concept of preventing rats and mice seems simple: fill any gap that would allow them to enter your home. Finding and filling every hole a mouse or rat could fit through can be time consuming and challenging. Once mice and rats make their way in, they’ll be on the search for food, leaving behind their droppings. To search for food, they’ll most likely be going into your trash, thus transferring that bacteria around your home.

The last thing you need in your home are the viruses and bacteria that mice and rats bring with them. These viruses and bacteria can cause health risks to those living in your home. If you are unsure if you have unwelcome rodents in your home, contact Ultrafast Pest Control at 781-894-7700.

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