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With the fall temperatures here, homeowners are starting to see an increase in some uninvited guests in and around their home. One of the most popular of these guests are rats in and outside of your home. Because of the colder temperatures, these types of rodents are looking for a place to take shelter during the winter months.

To survive, these furry rodents need warmth and now is the time that they’re looking for shelter. Rodents will hide out basically anywhere they have access to. From walls and attics to basements, rats aren’t picky when it comes for a warm place to stay.

Theoretically, preventing rats from entering your home should be easy: close up any holes in your homes that can lead to the outdoors. This is actually more difficult than it sounds because finding every hold in your home is a time consuming task.

Once they make their way inside, rats will search for supplies, like water and food. An indication that they have made their inside is they’ll leave behind droppings that can look like small, brown cylinders. Because they have no fears of going into your trash, they’ll travel and spread around any bacteria that was in your trash bags.

Because rats can carry parasites, bacteria and viruses around your home, it’s important to remove them. Those viruses can bring harm to your family and friends that have been in your home. If you believe that rats have made their way into your home, contact Ultrafast Pest Control today for our professional rat removal services. We can be reached by calling 781-894-7700 or by filling out our online contact form.

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