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The winter weather has hit and that means that there are other unwelcome guests that may be trying to get into your home to also stay warm.  Mice, rats and other rodents tend to show up more often in the colder months and while we all hope that we are not faced with these critters, they do succeed in making their way inside from time to time.  If you suspect that one or more may be in your home, setting a few traps is a common and often effective way of capturing that mouse or rat and eliminating the problem.  So, what are some of the best foods to use to lure in that mouse or rat? For mice, peanut butter, chocolate, and of course, cheese, seem to be fan favorites.  Sometimes a mouse is also intrigued by nesting materials such as cotton balls or yarn, especially during the winter when they are attempting to burrow into a nest and stay warm.  Rats too enjoy peanut butter, but seem to have a more extensive palette, as they also are drawn in by fruits, bacon, meats and vegetables.

While we doubt that either rodent is going to deny most foods, these tend to be the most popular and are often commonly found in any kitchen, making it an easy task to complete.  If you are concerned that you may need more extensive pest control services for rodents in your residential or commercial property, call us today and set up an inspection!

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