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Most of us have experienced it: spotting a furry little creature scurrying across the floor of the house, basement or office.  It could be just one little intruder or the problem could be worse, which is why it is important to scope out your territory and take several steps in order to control any current or potential rodent problem.  Performing a basic inspection of the area is a crucial task in order to determine where mice or rats are located, how many there might be and how the issue should be treated.

While contacting a pest control company like ours is always encouraged and sometimes absolutely necessary, it is also suggested that you check around for the potential infestation yourself as well.  Scan the area for any chews/holes in walls or screens, search through cabinets containing food, listen to hear for scurrying noises in the walls and be on the lookout for droppings.  These are all important factors in helping you as well as us determine what kind of rodent it is and where we need complete pest control services to exterminate them.

Ultrafast Pest Control helps residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout the entire Greater Boston, Massachusetts area with any and all pest control problems.  We pride ourselves in our work and we also like to take some time to offer helpful tips such as these to our clients; no one wants to share their home or office with unwanted rodents.

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