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While fleas are small in size, the problems they create can be huge. Regardless of the size of the flea, the infestation can be a time consuming problem. As soon as they take over your home, it can be difficult to get rid of them. Luckily, these tips will help in avoiding flea infestation.

One of the most obvious tips would be to keep your pet flea free. You can do this by taking your pet to a veterinary or an at home method. Because fleas can lay eggs in your pet’s environment, it’s important to check frequently & to catch them early. If you discover your pet has fleas, you need to quickly treat it.

We unknowingly can bring fleas into homes by having them on our pant legs. Because of this, it is important to wash clothing after hikes to rid of any fleas that may have been brought in. Fleas flourish in a messy atmosphere, whether inside or outside, so it is imperative to keep these spaces clean & maintained.

If you discover there’s an infestation, sanitation is crucial: wash your bedding, attend to your furniture, vacuum & shampoo carpets. It is also helpful to take any infested bedding & keep it in plastic bags before you wash them. Be sure to dry bedding in a drier to help rid of fleas.

While these tips can help in ridding your home of fleas, the most effective way is to hire a professional. To schedule an inspection, contact Ultrafast Pest Control at 781-894-7700 or by filling out our contact form.

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