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While we have already mentioned that Ant Season has arrived (some of you know this from first-hand experience in your home, office or another building) and we are more than happy to treat and control these infestations immediately, we also enjoy lending tips and advice to our residential and commercial clients that can help ward these and other pests off.

So, what are some of the efforts and tips you can put to use to keep ants of all kinds and sizes outdoors rather than in? Four simple tasks are listed below.

1) Barricade: Search for any cracks and openings, big or small, that these pests can creep indoors from.

2) Use Caulk: Pick up a bottle of caulk and travel throughout your home or office and seal any cracks that you find. Cracks can often be found near and around windows or doors, making for great entry routes for ants.

3) Deterrent Substances Line entryways (windows and doors) with deterrent substances that help ward ants off and prevent them from traveling indoors. Talc, a ground-up mineral that is found in items such as baby powder, is a very successful substance in keeping ants and pests outdoors.

4) Scents The application of substances with specific scents that are disliked by ants can prove to works wonders for preventing their invasion indoors. Lining entrances and placing substances along areas where you suspect ants could invade is a simple and beneficial task. Items such as vinegar, peppermint oil, cloves, cinnamon and bay leaves all give off scents that are thought to be strongly disliked by ants, and what’s even better is that they are cheap and often common household products for you to use. However, make sure to apply these substances on the outer side of the area being treated, as you don’t want your house or office to fill up with the scent of things such as vinegar!

We here at Ultrafast Pest Control hope that these tips can help you win your battle with any potential ant invasions this season. If you are facing an infestation that needs stronger, professional assistance, please call us! Whether you are in our hometown of Waltham or a neighboring area such as Watertown, Cambridge, Somerville or elsewhere in the Greater Boston, MA area, we promise to return your call immediately, schedule an appointment and provide the best ant and pest control treatment services available.

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