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grillingWith the temperatures rising and the sun shining, Waltham residents will be coming together to spend time outside. And nothing says warm weather like a backyard BBQ with your family and friends! While you’re enjoy burgers and dogs, nothing can ruin your time faster than backyard pests. Ultrafast Pest Control has put together some tips for keeping ants, mosquitoes and bees away as you enjoy your fun in the sun.

  • Any sources of standing water in your yard should be drained since they are a great hangout for mosquitoes. Keep your yard mosquito free by emptying things like ponds, wading pools and birdbaths.
  • Provide insect repellent or bug spray to prevent mosquitoes from bothering you and guests if you plan to have a BBQ before sunset.
  • Stinging insects, like yellow jackets, love scented items so try to avoid setting out anything that has some sort of fragrance. For beverages, avoid using cans and bottles as yellow jackets like to hide in those types of containers.
  • Be sure to check your windows and any screen doors for holes that need to be patched up. This is an easy way for mosquitoes and other pests to obtain access into your home. Be sure that your doors stay closed as the BBQ happens.
  • Clean up any trash or food spills immediately to prevent ants and flies from attending your BBQ. Also, keep your food safe and sanitary by storing it in sealed containers.

Follow these steps to ensure you, your family and friends have a fun summer filled with BBQs with no guest appearances from pests! If you find that your pest problem is out of hand, contact the specialists at Ultrafast Pest Control by calling us at 781-894-7700.

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