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We can’t believe that summer flew by so quickly, but just because one season is over doesn’t mean the pests go away with it.  While the summertime brings many pest control problems for insects like mosquitos and ants, the fall introduces the unwanted but undeniable subject of rodents.  With the changes in temperature and the cooler weather, mice and rats begin to seek warmer shelter to burrow and stay warm.  This is where we come in, as many people throughout the Greater Boston, MA area call Ultrafast Pest to solve rodent invasion problems.  Not only are these fury little creatures unwanted in your home for the basic fact that they do not belong, they can also get into food, spread germs and cause damage to walls and floors.  Be proactive at the first sight or inclination that any rodents have gotten into your home, office or another indoor area and keep them away for good this fall and winter.

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