What Types of Wood do Termites Eat?

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Termites, or the silent destroyers, will attack any part of your home where is wood, without the homeowner even knowing. Shelter, food, moisture and anything else necessary for a termite to survive are all located in one spot-your home.

To survive, termites are constantly looking for types of wood to eat. They’re looking for cellulose, which is the most ample, organic compound that can be found in the wild. It is found in plants and in various materials that we use daily. Termites will feed on anything with cellulose: cotton fibers, plants, paper products and the most popular, wood. To break down the cellulose fibers from wood, termites have bacteria and protozoa in their gut. This bacteria and protozoa transform the cellulose fibers into food and gives termites a food source that is usually overlooked by other species.

Subterranean termites enjoy eating on the softer fibers of springwood and don’t bother with the harder summerwood. The springwood that subterranean termites like looks like a honeycomb, containing dirt and fecal particles.

Drywood termites will look for dry wood. This could be wood you find in your home’s framing, timbers, floors and furniture.

Dampwood termites look for moist wood such as dead or dying tree stumps and logs.

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