Why Should I Continue Pest Control Services During the Winter?

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Many homeowners think that since winter is here, all of the New England pests have gone into hibernation mode. Pests like mice, cockroaches and other insects may slow down a bit, but they won’t go away completely. Pests will seek warmth and protection in your home to continue growing and feeding.

By reducing your pest control services during the winter, you’re only giving pests a heat start come the spring time. Below, you’ll find various reasons on why you should continue your pest control services throughout the winter months:

  • Since the weather inside your home is toasty, insects are able to prosper just as successfully as they would outside.
  • If there are entry ways not sealed off, rodents can make their way into your home and set up camp.
  • If there are pests that are living inside the walls of your home, they will be not be affected by the colder weather.
  • Looking to escape the cold, insects, like spiders or wasps, will seek shelter in your home’s attic.
  • By having a professional remove any insect webs or nests, you’re preventing them from resurfacing once the warmer weather hits.

By scheduling an inspection of your home with Ultrafast Pest Control, we’ll confirm that there aren’t any present pest issues. If we find any issues, we’ll be able to assess the situation and move forward with a plan to rectify the problem. To keep your home protected year round, contact us today at 781-894-7700 or by filling out our contact form!

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