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With this much snow on the ground, we can’t blame mice and other pests for trying to make their way indoors.  This winter has already provided us with an almost unbelievable amount of snow, and this sometimes leaves our focus shifted on other things like shoveling out our cars for the fifth time or making sure there is enough heating oil for the home.  However, it is also still important to be mindful and proactive about any signs of rodent or insect invasions.

The current conditions can make it a bit more difficult for even the simple tasks such as getting rid of trash; don’t let garbage pile up in your house or garage, as even in the frigid weather you can find yourself with pests munching through those bags to have a snack. Make sure warmer, critter-friendly areas are also sealed off and all food is stored securely.  We know that you already have enough on your plate during these challenging, snow-filled times; don’t let a pest invasion get added to the list.  Contact Ultrafast Pest Control today to schedule an inspection!

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