Bedbug Control

bed bug control waltham maBedbugs are reddish-brown insects with a flat, oval body.  They are about ¼ of an inch long in size. Bedbugs feed on human blood.  Bedbugs are nocturnal so they feed generally at night or in the dark.  They bite people while they sleep.

In the daylight hours, bedbugs hide in narrow spaces such as the seam of a bed mattress, bed frames, couch seams and in chairs.  In addition they can hide in cracks in walls, floors, baseboards and ceilings.  They also hide under wallpaper, rugs and inside electrical outlets.

Bedbugs can move and spread by hiding in your luggage if you are traveling.  They can hide and move in furniture and can be transferred in a moving truck.

In apartment buildings and homes, bedbugs can spread and move from room to room or from apartment to apartment.

How do you spot bedbugs symptoms?

Bedbug bites are mostly found on exposed skin, arms, legs, neck and stomach.  The bites are itchy, swell and cause inflammation where the bite occurred. Bites from bedbugs leave bloodstains on your bedding and mattress. Also, bedbugs leave a trail of stains in the mattresses seams.

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