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Fall is quickly approaching, and with that comes the higher potential for mice infestations. Mice are driven inside as temperatures drop, seeking shelter from the elements. There are several key entry points to watch for around your home, and even more signs of a potential infestation.

Mice often enter homes through the garage and near the edge of your roof. Because of their size, they can maneuver through holds up to ¼ of an inch wide, and chew along the edges to make it easier to crawl through. Garage doors and pipes are particularly vulnerable. Most garage doors have gaps in the bottom corners, and some have a small gap where the rubber threshold has worn. Once they have access to your garage, they can easily infiltrate your home by traveling through your walls or pipes. They are excellent climbers and can easily make their way to your attic, which will allow them access to the entirety of your home.

Some mice that you find have been born in your home. If you find a mouse after you have gone through eliminating the problem, there was mostly likely a pregnant mouse in your home. Mice can produce up to eight pups per litter, and multiply quickly.

If you fear that your home has been infested by mice, contact Ultrafast Pest Control. We will go through your home and seal any holes and gaps accessible to mice, inside or outside of your home, and we will check for signs of mice throughout. To schedule an appointment, fill out our online contact form or contact us at 781-894-7700.

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